Frequently Asked Questions

What packages are available to users?

How do I subscribe?

Please contact us with your preferred option of subscription and we will generate the chosen report (for One-off report requests) or the appropriate username and password for you to access the CEI platform. Online username/password generation is not possible.

Can you link my dataset with the CEI platform?

The CEI platform is designed to allow for external datasets to be integrated with it. We would need to examine your current IT infrastructure and database in order to ensure that this is possible and how it can be done.

Do you undertake custom made research?

Yes. CEI is a product powered by Resolute Asset Management, an independent specialist asset manager of distressed commercial real estate debt and equity positions offering real estate & real estate loan asset management services.

Where do you get your real estate data from?

The Department of Lands and Surveys. As we are registered with ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) we are allowed to acquire a dataset of all transactions recorded every quarter. This data is not placed in the public domain, hence we cannot show the transaction history for specific properties.

Why do you need to filter the data for CEI Real Estate Analytics?

Because the source data is in a sense inaccurate. The data reflects the rules and regulations of the Department of Lands and Surveys, who sometimes take too long to issue Title Deeds and/or inspect properties. Therefore where they might list a plot of land, in actuality there is a house built on it. To more accurately reflect what is happening in the marketplace we filter the data in order to correct the type of real estate transacted and remove any duplicates. In some cases a building is constructed across multiple land plots which means that if it sold the transaction is recorded multiple times (once for each plot); these transactions are ‘merged’ into one.

How do you filter the data for CEI Real Estate Analytics?

We mainly rely on the comments field filled out by the Department of Lands and Surveys as well as an in-house algorithm that uses the sheet, plan, plot, registry no., dates, prices, and transaction IDs to determine the actual type of real estate and to find any duplicates.

What distinguishes CEI’s Real Estate database from the data you receive?

Our dataset distinguishes itself because of the filtering process and the amount of time it took to understand the underlying data. It is not enough to simply use the data from the Land Registry because it is simply inaccurate and misleading. Our data filtering eliminates more than 25-30% of entries, making it much more accurate, more coherent, and more reliable.

Can I obtain this real estate dataset on my own?

It depends. If you are a registered member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) then yes, although the data will be in ‘raw form’ (unfiltered). If you are not a member of ETEK, then you can’t.

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